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An individualized, in-home training and wellness program for your dog. 

Membership Program


All of your dog's needs met in one convenient membership package.

Training  |  Exercise  |  Grooming |  Enrichment

Overnight Care  |  Wellness

How it works:

RowanTree's membership program provides the perfect solution for busy dog owners. Let a professional train your dog for you, in the comfort of your own home. Sessions provide a mid-day walk, fulfilling your dog's exercise and enrichment needs while simultaneously improving their behaviour.

The program is designed to provide maximum flexibility and is tailored to suit your schedule. When you are not available to participate in sessions, custom weekly training videos will keep you in the loop and ensure that you are able to utilize your dog's new skills.


•   Two training and enrichment sessions per week, in your home and neighbourhood

•   Weekly custom training tutorial videos

•   Weekly mini photoshoot of your dog

•   Priority access to boarding services 

•   Exclusive access to house sitting services

•   24/7 access to trainer advice and support

•   $200 per week (add additional sessions at $90 per session)

What is included:

Add-On Services

•   Grooming Package: Keep your dog looking and feeling their best between professional grooming sessions with nail trimming, brushing, bathing, facial treatments, and more! Starting at $60 per week

•   Subscription Box Package: Enjoy a weekly selection of hand-picked, locally sourced products, customized just for your dog! Starting at $50 per week


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