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Training Services

A cute mixed breed dog training to walk on leash while wearing a harness

About Training

For each client, I build a custom plan of training sessions to maximize your dog's learning. Each training plan involves developing a deeper understanding of your dog's behaviour, identifying strategies that are best suited to their needs, and creating opportunities for practice to build long-term positive habits.

White German Shepherd dog pulling on leash while on a walk

Private Lessons

Taking place in your home and neighbourhood, we will work together to understand the "why" behind your dog's behaviour and develop strategies for success. Lessons incorporate training demonstrations and coaching to ensure that you are able to apply training techniques on your own. 

Initial consultation: $135 (1 hour session)

In this session, we will assess your dog's behaviour, discuss your training needs, provide behaviour change strategies and create a training plan for moving forward.

Follow-up lesson: $125 (1 hour session) or $105 (45 minute session)

Grey weimeraner dog taking a walk in downtown Toronto

Training Walks

Ideal for clients with busy schedules, 1-on-1 training walks allow me to facilitate intensive practice with your dog and cement long-term habits. Each training walk comes with a custom video summary demonstrating training techniques for you to utilize when you are walking your dog.

Phase 1) Learning: $75 per walk (45 minute session)

During the learning phase, your dog will learn new skills each session, as well as develop previously-learned skills into habits. The learning phase typically lasts 4–6 weeks, although timing may vary depending on the individual dog. 

Phase 2) Maintenance: $60 per walk (45 minute session)

Once your dog has developed the skills to succeed, you will have the option to switch over to a long-term walking relationship where your dog will have the opportunity to practice these skills on an ongoing basis. 

Service Area

Private sessions are offered across Toronto; an additional travel fee may apply depending on location.

Training walks are offered in the following service area:

North of Dundas Street, south of Finch Avenue

East of Bathurst Street, west of Bayview Avenue

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