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About Your Trainer


Hi! I'm August

I have a passion for helping dogs and their people learn to communicate and thrive together. Bringing home my own dog Rowan sparked my passion for training - as an adolescent, Rowan struggled with leash reactivity, and through our journey together I learned about the wonders of the dog mind and the amazing ways that they communicate and learn.


Dog training in Canada is not a regulated industry, meaning anyone can call themselves a dog trainer. I am proud to hold the following certifications and my clients can feel confident that I will only utilize proven, science-backed methods when working with their dog. 

Good Dog Academy professional dog training school logo

Certified Professional

Pet Dog Trainer

Good Dog Academy

DogSafe Canine First Aid Certified logo

Canine First Aid 101

DogSafe First Aid

My Training Philosophy 

My approach is all about building positive habits to set up your dog for a lifetime of success. By specializing in day training, I spend multiple hours per week working directly with your dog, instilling rock-solid behaviours and skills that you will be able to use in the real world. My training approach does not involve any shock collars, prong collars, or other aversive tools. I follow the "LIMA" (Least Intrusive, Minimally Aversive) training model to ensure that your dog is comfortable and confident throughout the learning process. 

Being located in Toronto, I understand that the urban environment is uniquely challenging for many dogs. Navigating busy streets, fast-moving traffic, and crowded dog parks does not come naturally to our beloved pets, and we must provide them with extra guidance in order to thrive in the city. Through compassionate training solutions, our dogs can learn the skills and "literacy" to succeed in an environment designed for us humans. 

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