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Check out what some of my clients are saying about RowanTree Dog Training!


"Absolutely loved working with August to help our dog, Tanok, with his leash manners and reactivity! We've already seen such a shift in his confidence on walks and our own confidence in handling a reactive dog. It's been a great experience learning more about certain dog behaviours and gaining new skills as a dog owner. We highly recommend August to anyone in the city looking to train their dog with positive reinforcement!"

– Kelly & Tanok

"August is an absolutely wonderful, attentive, patient and professional dog trainer with our puppy. A lot of effort is put into each training to ensure that every concern that we have with our puppy even for behaviour that we just noticed is addressed and we appreciate that a positive reinforcement approach is used. We absolutely recommend August’s dog training!"

– Chris, Carrington & Juno


"I totally recommend sessions with August. At the beginning, I doubted if my 7-month puppy would be able to improve since we were trying to train him for a while. During one month of sessions with August, I could see tremendous improvement. August gave us tools and techniques on how to handle him in different situations. We adjusted few techniques since my dog responded better in different ways. Now he becomes more engaging and responsive to our commands and less reactive to other dogs or people, and pulls much much less. Our walk becomes more enjoyable and less stressful. Thanks so much August for helping us."

– Monruthai & Oli

"We loved having August help us with our dogs prey drive and reactivity issues in the house. The combination of walks, exercises and training in the house and outside has really helped our dogs. the 4 week program was a great amount of time for them to adjust to new training techniques. August was amazing with them and we will be using Rowantree Dog Training for any future needs we have for our dogs."

– Rebekka, Russ, & Rogue


"RowanTree Dog Training has been a very positive and enjoyable experience for our dog and my family. We have been able to avoid needing to muzzle our dog because his behaviour has improved so much on walks and at home. The individualized training helped us form a much happier relationship with our dog because we understand how to communicate with him effectively and compassionately."

– Lisa & Carey

"My primary goal was to have Max heel and stop pulling on walks, and to stop jumping on people we would pass on our walks. Max is now much more pleasant to take on walks. A lot less pulling, and a lot less concern about him jumping on people. I think that both Max and I appreciate and enjoy our new approach to going out on walks."

– Bryan & Max

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