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Walk & Train Program

A cute mixed breed dog training to walk on leash while wearing a harness

What is Day Training?

Day Training is designed to provide maximum flexibility for dog owners with busy schedules: let a trusted professional train your dog for you! With 2 sessions per week, one-on-one training walks will build long-term positive habits in your dog, while in-home training lessons will teach you the skills to apply your dog's training on your own. 

White German Shepherd dog pulling on leash while on a walk

This program is ideal for...

- Resolving leash reactivity

- Promoting better leash walking habits

- Puppy training and socialization

- Managing high prey drive

- Developing a reliable recall

- Building confidence while outdoors

- Introducing and fine-tuning obedience

Grey weimeraner dog taking a walk in downtown Toronto


Initial consultation: $125 (1 hour session)

In this session, we will assess your dog's behaviour, discuss your training needs, provide behaviour change strategies and create a training plan for moving forward.

Follow-up lesson: $115 (1 hour session)

Training walk: $75 (45 minute session) 

Depending on your dog's needs, we will build a custom schedule of in-person lessons and one-on-one training walks to address your dog's training needs. When you are not available, custom tutorial videos will be provided to ensure we are on the same page when it comes to training strategies. 

Service Area

North of Dundas Street, south of Finch Avenue

East of Bathurst Street, west of Bayview Avenue

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