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Day Training Programs

A cute mixed breed dog training to walk on leash while wearing a harness

What is Day Training?

Day Training is designed to provide maximum flexibility for dog owners with busy schedules: let a trusted professional train your dog for you! With 2 sessions per week, one-on-one training walks will build long-term positive habits in your dog, while in-home training lessons will teach you the skills to apply your dog's training on your own. 

White German Shepherd dog pulling on leash while on a walk

Reactive Dog Program

For dogs that bark, growl, and/or lunge on leash. Get back to enjoying your daily walks by helping your dog to learn to coexist with the things that trigger them, and develop the skills they need for successful outdoor outings. 

(8 week program at 2 sessions per week)

Comprehensive Puppy Program

Teach your puppy all the skills they need to become a confident and well-rounded adult dog, while providing mid-day walks and socialization outings for your growing pup!

(12 week program at 2 sessions per week)

Calmer Canine Program

Unleash the power of relaxation exercises to help your overexcited or anxious dog learn to settle down both indoors and outdoors, while developing an individualized enrichment plan to ensure they have all of their needs met.

(6 week program at 2 sessions per week)

Outdoor Obedience Skills Program

Improve your dog's focus, engagement, and responsiveness to cues outdoors while learning new skills designed to help them succeed in the busy city environment.

(6 week program at 2 sessions per week)

Cooperative Care Program

Help your dog learn to be comfortable with grooming procedures, nail trims, and physical examinations, utilizing positive reinforcement to change their mindset about being handled.

(Add onto any existing program)

Grey weimeraner dog taking a walk in downtown Toronto

Don't see what you're looking for! Reach out for a custom training program tailored to suit your needs!


Initial consultation: $120

Day Training: $85 per session ($170/week)

Discounts available when booking 3 or more sessions per week.

Service Area

North of Dundas Street, south of Finch Avenue

East of Bathurst Street, west of Bayview Avenue

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