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Frequently Asked Questions


What training methods do you use?

I am a fear-free, positive reinforcement based trainer. My methodology centres around teaching your dog what TO do rather than what NOT to do, while building enthusiasm for training and a stronger relationship between you and your dog. Training should be fun and enjoyable for both the dog and the human, and I have great success shaping well-rounded dogs without the use of prong collars, shock collars, or other pain-based tools.

What are your certifications?

I hold the Professional Pet Dog Trainer Certificate from Good Dog Academy, a training school endorsed by the Canadian Association of Professional Dog Trainers. I am also Canine First Aid certified, and I have completed the Fear Free for Shelters training course.

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Why day training?

Standard training classes require owners to do a significant amount of homework between sessions, but I have found that many owners don't have enough time, or need more direct guidance in implementing training. The day training model allows me to spend more time working directly with client dogs, taking the pressure off of the owners. I spend the sessions teaching and practicing good habits, and all you have to do is reward positive behaviours when you see them!

What does the process look like?

We will start off by setting up a free 20 minute phone call where we will discuss your training goals, and you can ask any questions about my services. We will then schedule an introductory session where I can meet your dog, and start to establish a training and behaviour plan. From there, we will decide which days of the week to meet going forward. 

How long will training take?

Training involves replacing your dog's undesirable habits with more positive ones, which takes time! All clients start off with a biweekly 6 to 12 week training package, but some dogs with more complex behavioural issues may require more training. Following the completion of your training package, I recommend that you continue with maintenance sessions on a weekly or as-needed basis, to ensure that your dog's new skills become long-term habits. 

Should I be present at the sessions?

For in-home training lessons, which occur every other week, you and any other household members who are involved with training should be present. Between these lessons, I will work directly with your dog for training walks and day training sessions. For these sessions, it is up to you if you would like to attend - if not, I will provide tutorial videos afterwards explaining how to apply your dog's new skills on your own. 

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